The Answer

September 19, 2014

​Impactful Parent Conferences in 7 Steps

By Petra Claflin

It’s that time of year! You’ve been with your students for several weeks and it’s time to start having conferences with parents/guardians. Conferences can be a huge time suck or a transformative step for each student. Here are some ideas for hosting them in a way that both builds strong... READ MORE

September 16, 2014

Having classroom management issues? Six tips for resetting expectations.

By Petra Claflin

Almost all of us have experienced that sinking feeling when we realize that something about how our class is running is just not working and we need to do a ‘reset.’ It might be something procedural and a lot of time is being wasted at the beginning of class, for example, or it might be a... READ MORE

September 13, 2014

Six Ways to Close Out a Great Lesson

By Petra Claflin

Okay, your class has gone well, the students are done practicing, and the lesson is ending. How do you effectively close out the lesson in a way that really solidifies their learning? Here are some ideas: Summarize it: According to Dr. Robert Marzano’s work, summarizing is a powerful way to process... READ MORE

September 09, 2014

Criteria for Success - What are they & how do you use them?

By Petra Claflin

Many of us have probably looked at some of our curricular objectives and thought, ‘What does that even mean?’ In class, even though we may put the objective into student-friendly language, our kids may be having the same experience. The information we are often missing is what The Skillful Teacher... READ MORE

September 05, 2014

​10 Ways to Drive Your Own Development

By Petra Claflin

​All teachers want to grow, but making that happen effectively isn’t always easy. You may be at a school where you receive regular development, coaching and feedback or you may be at a school where you receive very little training and the only feedback may be one or two official observations over... READ MORE

September 02, 2014

Perks & Pitfalls of Classroom Incentive Systems

By Petra Claflin

​We all want our students to be intrinsically motivated and participating enthusiastically in every task simply because they are excited about learning. In truth, though, almost everyone needs a little external motivation sometimes to get them excited or make them feel appreciated for their efforts... READ MORE