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September 29, 2015

The Arts and Passion-Driven Learning: Three Days at Harvard
James Sheridan

By James T. Sheridan, YES Prep Southeast

This summer, I was selected by YES Prep and the Harvard Club of Houston to spend three days at Harvard University attending any summer class of interest to me.  I chose the Arts and Passion Driven-Learning Institute. Below, I’ve reflected on the experience, in five acts.   I. Macbeth & Madness... READ MORE

September 23, 2015

Spindletop Charities, Inc. Gives Record Gift to help Build Teacher Training Center!
Spindletop Center for Teaching Excellence

By YES Prep Public Schools

This year, Spindletop has pledged an unprecedented $1,000,000 to YES Prep’s Redefine Possible campaign. In particular, the gift will support the brand-new Spindletop Center for Teaching Excellence, an epicenter for teacher development. The center, housed in YES Prep’s newest campus YES Prep... READ MORE

September 23, 2015

The Problem We All Live With Isn't Back; It Never Went Away
The Problem We All Live With by Norman Rockwell

By Mark DiBella, Superintendent

*/ Nedra Martin saw her daughter (Mah'ria) freeze [on the way to the podium to defend the desegregation of Francis Howell High School in Missouri].  She thought about Ruby Bridges, the first black child to attend an all-white elementary school in the South.  She's the little girl guarded by US... READ MORE

September 17, 2015

Collaboration: Ensuring that Special Education Students are Prepared to Graduate
Special Education

By Natalie Lund

In 2014, 26 seniors who'd received special education services graduated from YES Prep. This spring, that number will jump to 37— with 28 of those students graduating with a distinguished or recommended diploma. In order to serve YES Prep's increasing number of students with disabilities and to... READ MORE

September 16, 2015

YES Prep Partners with Legacy to Provide Behavioral Health Services for Students
YES Partners with Legacy

By Natalie Lund

This week, YES Prep Public Schools began a partnership with Legacy Community Health to provide behavioral health services and therapy to YES Prep students dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, attention difficulties, grief, and family conflicts. Legacy will offer care on the YES Prep Gulfton... READ MORE

September 14, 2015

YES Prep Content Days: Impact and Innovation Across Texas
Content Days at YES Prep

By Natalie Lund

Today, the classrooms at YES Prep Gulfton, West, Brays Oaks, Southwest, and White Oak were filled with teachers and leaders learning. Over 600 teachers from across the system united in Content Teams— groups that share subjects and/or grade levels—to engage in content-specific pedagogical... READ MORE