The Answer

December 20, 2014

News Clip: Houstonians of the Year: Duncan Klussmann

The Houston Chronicle spotlights Spring Branch Director, Duncan Klussmann and his collaboration with YES Prep Public Schools. Click here to read the full story.  READ MORE

December 16, 2014

News Clip: 3 Things That Count In College Completion Program Models

The Michael & Susan Dell mentions YES Prep in their latest blog highlighting the long term benefits of successful college prep programs. Click here to read more.  READ MORE

December 12, 2014

Bridging the Break: How to keep students connected through the holiday break

By Petra Claflin

Winter break is quickly approaching and those two weeks off can bring up different feelings for different kids.  For most students, hopefully they’re excited and also feel like they’ll miss being at school (at least a little).  For some, though, the break can mean a long stretch of missing meals or... READ MORE

December 10, 2014

News Clip: Paige: Lawmakers, do what is best for our students

Former Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, pushes lawmakers and leaders to support ALL students this legislative session. Click here to read more. READ MORE

December 08, 2014

A Student Engagement Checklist

By Petra Claflin

All of us strive for our students to be highly engaged in class.  As most of you have probably experienced, though, it can be hard to achieve.  That’s because true engagement is the result of a strong lesson happening in a classroom with a strong culture.  Here is a sort of checklist you can use to... READ MORE

December 05, 2014

News Clips: Spindletop’s 50th anniversary ball goes for the gold

Spindletop presents YES Prep with a $1 million dollar check for the Spindletop Teaching Excellence Center. Click here to read more on this story!    READ MORE