The Answer

November 16, 2014

Resources for Gratitude & Thanksgiving in the Secondary Classroom

By Petra Claflin

While secondary teachers cannot often break out the craft supplies for the holidays, we can build in time to explore the Thanksgiving holiday as well as the intentions around it. Here are some ideas:   Blogs & resources for teaching gratitude: Gratitude quotes: READ MORE

November 15, 2014

News Clip: Segal: Embarrassment of riches

"All students deserve a safe, clean, bright space to learn. Must it also be lavish? No." YES Prep board member, Justin Segal, shares his view on the recent school district bond votes in today's Houston Chronicle. Click here to read the full story READ MORE

November 10, 2014

News Clip: Can A Teacher Be Too Dedicated?

The Atlantic highlighted YES Prep for the hard work teachers put in to close the achievement gap and our efforts to make the job more sustainable. Click here to read more! READ MORE

November 10, 2014

6 Ways to Get Students Talking in Math Class

By Elisa Gibbs, Middle School Mathematics Content Specialist

To deeply engage with and understand math concepts, it’s important that students talk, debate, and discuss the ideas. Easier said than done, though. Here are a few tips for getting your students talking in the math classroom. Change the subject. We know our students love to talk, just not about... READ MORE

November 04, 2014

The Secret Subpopulation – Our Homeless Students

By Kawana Coulon, Student Support Counseling Program Manager

When most of us think of homelessness, we have a narrow image in our minds of people living on the street. There are actually many circumstances that can qualify a student as homeless and that can impact their experience in your classroom. According to a recent study, under-identification of... READ MORE

October 29, 2014

News Clip: Leaders in education reform receive "Accolades" at luncheon benefiting Children at Risk

YES Prep receives 'Innovators in Education award from Children at Risk! Click here to read the article. READ MORE