The Answer

September 30, 2014

​7 Tips for Collaborating with Colleagues

By Petra Claflin

  Now that school has been in session for several weeks, it’s a good time to take a pulse check on how things are going with your colleagues. Whether there is a person or team you work with regularly or you want to start collaborating more, here are some tips for getting your collaboration on the... READ MORE

September 26, 2014

Learning the Individual Needs of Your Students

By Petra Claflin

Getting to know our students is essential if we want to really meet their needs. Especially for students with special needs, it’s not enough to simply know their label and assume the minimum level of legal and impersonal modifications will meet their needs. Think about the students you have right... READ MORE

September 25, 2014

YES Prep alumna chosen for the prestigious McNair Scholar program at Trinity University

We are excited to announce that East End Class of 2013 alumna, Megan Medrano, has been named a McNair Scholar! From Trinity University: First-generation students receive academic counseling, research opportunities, summer internships, and more San Antonio - Eleven students at Trinity University... READ MORE

September 24, 2014

What’s Your Leadership Style - Friend or Foe?

By Dustin Peterson, Director of Leadership Development

The fast track to a breakdown in the teacher-student or manager-team member relationship is incorrectly navigating one key factor: the authority/friendship balance. Allow me to illustrate:   I recently fell into a classic trap that you’ve undoubtedly fallen into before, kids or no kids. My kids... READ MORE

September 19, 2014

​Impactful Parent Conferences in 7 Steps

By Petra Claflin

It’s that time of year! You’ve been with your students for several weeks and it’s time to start having conferences with parents/guardians. Conferences can be a huge time suck or a transformative step for each student. Here are some ideas for hosting them in a way that both builds strong... READ MORE

September 16, 2014

Having classroom management issues? Six tips for resetting expectations.

By Petra Claflin

Almost all of us have experienced that sinking feeling when we realize that something about how our class is running is just not working and we need to do a ‘reset.’ It might be something procedural and a lot of time is being wasted at the beginning of class, for example, or it might be a... READ MORE